Ivette's Day Care

Ivette's Child Care Preschool

Program Philosophy

Our Family Child Care program is based on the philosophy that young children learn best in a family type environment that affords them the opportunity to explore, discover, and enjoy the learning process while engaging in creative integrated hands-on learning activities. This program is one in which areas such as oral language, math readiness, creative play, and other readiness skills are interwoven throughout the day by means of themes that are based on the child's developmental level.

We provide an opportunity for children to “learn how to learn” by helping them discover answers through hands-on learning activities that stimulate their curiosity and creativity.
  • Language development, as well as thinking and motor skills.
  • Interaction with other children through cooperative learning activities together with social skill awareness; i.e., good manners and appropriate ways to behave.
  • Curriculum activities that foster a positive self-image in each child and facilitate in their intellectual, social, emotional & physical development.
  • Teacher flexibility within the curriculum to adapt activities according to the needs of each child.